Glossary Of Terms
Accumulation by dispossession Fair Trade Nationalization/Privatization
Alienation Feminism Neoliberalism
Authoritarianism Free trade Networks
Autonomy Globalization Pluralism
Capitalism Governmentality Political Economy
Caudillo Grassroots Populism
Charismatic Leader Hegemony Proletariat
Citizenship Hybridity Race / Ethnicity
Civil Society Identity Social Movement
Clientelism Indigenismo (neo-) Socialism
Common-Public Informal Sector Solidarity
Comparative Advantage Liberation Theology (Sanctuary Movement) The State / The Nation
Containment Mechanical/Organic Solidarity (Durkheim) Structurally Significant Resources
Democracy Mestizo/Mestizaje (universalism) Sustainable Development
Development Multiculturalism Transnationialism/Translocality
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